Strategic Plan

2013-2020 Strategic Plan

The Board of Trustees created and ratified a Strategic Plan that will guide College Prep for the next seven years. Marc Sugiyama '84 chaired this committee of eleven faculty and trustees.

Our new strategic plan is aspirational, directional and practical, grounded in facts, and built with input from the entire Prep community—trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, current and past parents, and friends of the school. The 2013-20 Strategic Plan articulates a clear vision for College Prep that expresses and furthers our distinctive mission.

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Strategic Thinking

Marc Sugiyama

Letter from Marc Sugiyama '84

I have the pleasure of chairing the Strategic Planning Committee of eleven faculty and Board of Trustee members.

Given all that is going well with College Prep, you might ask why planning is necessary. Our school continues to emphasize deep learning and high academic standards. Our motto “Mens Conscia Recti” is brought to life on campus every day in the trust, kindness, and integrity that are the hallmarks of our culture. While we are proud of the way we serve our current students and how our alumni have made their way in the world, we must also look forward and consider the future. How will technological, globalization, and our economic environment affect College Prep’s future? How can we ensure that our school has the resources we need to deliver the best program for our students while staying affordable to our families?

Great schools stay great by emphasizing what they do best, identifying and nurturing new opportunities, and always searching for ways to improve. We do so by reflecting on our programs and practices, solving the difficult problems, and thinking critically about the questions we need to ask ourselves. Over the course of the next twelve months, the Steering Committee will scan our school’s competitive horizon and gather information and perspectives from parents, teachers, alumni, and friends.

To date, we have held on-campus planning workshops with trustees, faculty and staff, as well as a Community Summit. Moving forward, we will be reaching out to our broader community. Our planning process is made richer by your participation and we benefit from your thoughts as we envision our school’s future. You will be receiving an email with additional information inviting you to share your experiences and perspectives. On behalf of the Steering Committee, I hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of this important conversation.

The Board of Trustees believes that the education offered at College Prep is extraordinary. We are committed to ensuring that the school stays strong, accessible and relevant, and prepared to serve future generations of talented students. I look forward to keeping you apprised of our progress as the planning process unfolds.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our strategic planning process, please feel free to email me at strategicplan@college-prep.orgThank you for remaining engaged and committed to College Prep!

Marc Sugiyama '84
Steering Committee Chair, Trustee

Inquiry Groups

SP Pyramid

Letter from Marc Sugiyama ’84
Strategic Planning Chair, Trustee

February 2013

The Strategic Planning Committee held meetings last fall and created five thematic areas for in-depth study by five inquiry groups composed of faculty, staff, alumni, and trustees. We now begin the process of seeking answers to these questions.

I’m pleased to update you as we begin the next phase of our planning process. In the fall, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee held meetings with the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff, and hosted a Community Summit where we collected thoughts, questions, and guidance from our alumni, current parents, parents of alumni, and current students.

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Sustaining Excellence
defining and promoting desired outcomes
and the School’s impact

    • What are our goals for our graduates, here and beyond?
    • What leadership roles should Prep take in its neighborhood, city, and the broader education community?
    • What opportunities are available to us through partnership development?
    • How do we understand and measure success?
    • How do we foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement?

Left Middle Triangle.png
21st Century Education

blending our unique pedagogical strengths
with new
 trends in education

    • How do we blend the relationship-based teaching of the traditional classroom with the resources available on-line and in the broader world?
    • How do we use school time (calendar and schedule) to its best purpose?
    • How do we reconcile the strong tradition of department programming with the opportunities of interdisciplinary coursework?
    • What are the implications of program shift for faculty professional development?

RIght Middle Triangle.png
Mens Conscia Recti
esigning College Prep’s community experiences
to support our mission

    • How do we attend to students’ health and development needs beyond the classroom?
    • How do our traditions, community practices, and co-curricular programs express and support our school culture and values?
    • How do we best serve and benefit from the multicultural make-up of our community?
    • How can we foster ethical behavior and decision making?
    • What do we want the family/school relationship to look like?

Left Bottom Triangle.pngWhat Sustains Us (part I)
alleviating the tensions between cost structure,
program quality, and

    • Do our operating ratios express our values and mission?
    • Where are there opportunities for program efficiencies and auxiliary revenue for all qualified students, regardless of socio-economic background?
    • How do we ensure we are accessible?
    • How do we best market ourselves to ensure strong demand of high quality applicants?
    • How do we inspire high levels of philanthropic support from our community?

Right Bottom Triangle.pngWhat Sustains Us (part II)
stewarding our campus facilities and the people
who support our vision

    • How do we optimize our campus and facilities to better serve our program needs?
    • How can we engage our parents and alumni in ways that complement rather than compete with our program offerings?
    • How do we recruit and retain a faculty that reflects the demographics of our student body?
    • What combination of evaluation structures, compensation strategies, and workplace culture are needed for us to sustain the highest quality faculty and administration?

The inquiry groups will meet over the next four months, then draft recommendations for review by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. These recommendations will form the basis of our new Strategic Plan.

Thank you for listening and contributing to this important planning process. I look forward to updating you again on our progress. If you have any thoughts or concerns, please feel free to contact me at


Marc Sugiyama '84

Download pdf of Strategic Plan:
Strategic Planning
Steering Committee

Marc Sugiyama '84
Steering Committee Chair, Trustee

Sharona Barzilay
Assistant Head / Academic Dean,
Alumni Parent

Anne Buckley
Trustee, Parent, Alumni Parent

Eva Campodonico '95
Science Teacher

Jim Cervantes
Trustee, Parent

Monique DeVane
Head of School

Romeo Garcia

Lori Hébert
Technology Curriculum Integrator

Marta Ginebreda
Spanish Teacher, Alumni Parent

Spreck Rosekrans '73
Trustee, Alumni Parent

Stephen Wilson
History Teacher