2Prep Program

2015 2Prep:  Freshman Transition Program

August 10 – 14, 2015

10 am – 3pm

Brown Bag Lunch  

College Prep’s Freshman Transition Program takes place during the week prior to New Student Orientation and the Freshman Retreat. This program is taught by our Director of Learning Services, Yea Afolabi, who works with students to help them in their transition from middle school to College Prep.

For some students, the transition to high school comes with the need for additional support during the adjustment period. This program is ideally suited for students who would like to strengthen their skills in the following areas:

  • Organization and executive function
  • Study skills
  • Test preparation
  • Close reading
  • Writing
  • Time management
  • Making social connections
  • Self-advocacy
  • Managing digital distractions
  • Understanding learning styles and differences

This program will help students balance their increasing workloads and new schedules. Humanities will be used as the basis for our work on skill development. Yea will also guide students through a series of mindfulness practices designed to fortify their emotional resiliency in and out of school. Students will engage in a variety of activities that will help them build a “skills and strategies toolbox” from which to draw to best serve their growth and their individual learning styles.

yea.JPG 2Prep teacher Yea Afolabi