The curriculum at College Prep includes a full complement of courses and activities. Everything students do at school builds a sound foundation for college and for becoming educated, thinking, and responsible people in the modern world. All of the programs at school encourage students to develop creativity, intellectual curiosity, independent thought, and ethical sensitivity and behavior.

Within all kinds of classrooms and performing groups, through team activities and in-service projects, teachers create opportunities for students to explore and extend their abilities, freely test ideas, question assumptions, grapple with ethical issues, and acquire all the skills required for life-long learning and positive citizenship.

Diploma Requirements

Courses are offered and given credit on a semester or yearly basis. In addition to credit-earning courses, students are required to take the non-credit courses/activities outlined below.

Academic Department Minimum Requirements
English 4 years
(English I, English II, English Seminars)
Arts 2 years
World Language Through Level III
History 3 years
(World Civilizations, Western Civilization, U.S. History)
Math Through Level III
Science 3 years
(Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
Total Units

Non-credit Requirements
Connections and Advisory Program (CAP)
9th grade
Sophomore Health
10th grade
(Spring semester)
Recreation, Health, & Fitness (RHF)
3 years or 4 seasons of sports
4 years

The minimum load a student may carry is four academic courses; a typical load includes five academic courses. A student who drops a course receives no credit for that course.

Student Laptop Program

The student laptop program supports and enriches what we do at College Prep and allows for effective integration of digital skills and practices into our curriculum. All incoming students are assigned identical computers with a common software image. This standard set of tools enables seamless collaboration in and beyond the classroom, facilitates communication, and ensures school-provided support of laptops.

Grading System and Reports

The school year is divided into two semesters; grade reports are issued in the middle and at the end of each semester. As midterm grades are progress reports only, they do not appear on the transcript, only semester grades do. In the case of ninth-grade courses that run the full year, all grades are progress reports until the end of the year, when a final grade is given for the entire course. Grade reports include teachers’ explanations and advice as well as letter grades. Commendations may be awarded by teachers and program directors for a student’s extraordinary participation in, contribution to, or achievement in a particular course or activity. No minimum grade is required for commendations.

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2014-2015 College Prep Handbook.