Technology Team
The Technology Department

At College Prep, we embrace technology and the potential it holds for supporting and innovating the learning and teaching process.

We also recognize its role as an agent of social and economic change. Computers extend and enhance our community and curriculum.

Instruction in the effective, ethical, and appropriate uses of information technology is integrated into all corners of the College Prep program. Through this integration, we aim to prepare our students to make meaningful use of IT tools in college and beyond.

To support that mission, the school employs three full-time educational professionals that devote their talents to the support of our students, faculty, and program. This department maintains a full-service computer lab, mobile laptop classrooms, the student laptop program, and a fleet of faculty laptops.

Through a wireless network that is welcoming of student laptops, and a robust set of online services, the technology department helps to extend learning opportunities beyond the College Prep campus. 

Learn more about the Student Laptop Program.


ITS Crew Spotlight

ITS Crew

We have a range of tech-savvy, tech-curious, tech-forward students at College Prep. As members of the ITS Crew, they are involved in a range of projects and initiatives including:

  • creating how-to guides & tutorials
  • assisting teachers with tech tools & practices
  • producing multimedia, screencasts & other video projects
  • leading workshops for students and/or teachers
  • brainstorming how to evolve our tech/lab spaces on campus
  • exploring how sustainability and tech could better intersect at Prep
  • playing with and evaluating new systems and gadgets
  • and much more!