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    Columbian Exchange Field Trip

    Sophomores in Atlantic Worlds History embark on a field trip with the goal of connecting the history of the Columbian Exchange to the ongoing “real-world” issues that affect our lives in the Bay Area. They focused on three main themes: ecological impacts, food systems, and health.

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    Spirit Week!

    Last week was Spirit Week at College Prep. Each day featured a different dress-up theme as well as dodgeball, bubble soccer, a school-wide game of Family Feud, and a raucous Spirit Rally. It was an incredibly festive and celebratory time on campus. While words don't adequately do justice to the warm feeling that Spirit Week evokes, the pictures below do a pretty good job of capturing Prep's spirit!

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    Tales of the Weaver

    Reserve your seats for the upcoming production of Tales of the Weaver. Two folktales, one from Japan and another from India, each with an astonishing and magical act of weaving at the heart of the story, will take the stage in our next venture. Follow the thread...

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    Math in the Courtyard

    The Math II students work outside in the courtyard where they use rope and chalk to make large-scale versions of some of the compass/straightedge constructions of geometry.

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    Japanese Tea Ceremony

    Ms. Wood teaches her Japanese III students the art of the Japanese tea ceremony. The class prepared and presented the powdered green tea, and enjoyed beautifully wrapped confections.

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