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    Chelsea Peretti '96 stars in New TV Show

    Congratulations to Chelsea Peretti '96, who landed a choice role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This new M*A*S*H-style comedy from the creators of Parks and Recreation, stars Andy Samberg (Saturday Night Live) and Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Street). Chelsea plays the eccentric, nosy officer manager. Early reviews say it's "smart and witty." Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres September 17 on Fox.

  • Photographer: John Ellis, Stylist: Elizabeth Beeler

    Cover Girl Anya Berger Sarre '95

    Coastal Living Magazine features the California beach house of stylist and alumna, Anya Berger Sarre '95, pictured here with her one year-old son, Sawyer.

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    On Reading Other People’s E-Mail

    Jesse Ashlock '95, New York Times, takes a look inside the lives of two fellow alums: Miranda July '92, artist, author and filmmaker and Jonah Peretti '92, founder of BuzzFeed and co-founder of Huffington Post.

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    2013 Commencement Speaker

    Inspiring words from Eddie Griffin '92, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia, as this year's gradutation speaker. In his work, Eddie uses the tools of molecular and cellular neuroscience to develop new understandings and treatments of drug addiction.

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    Eric Agol '88 discovers planet!

    Eric Agol '88 discovers the most Earth-like planet outside the solar system.

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