Book Fair

Book lovers should not miss this event, which offers thousands of books (and some media) for all ages, at terrific bargain prices. Choose from a large selection of recent and high quality works, as well as some antique and vintage books. There is truly something for everyone at this sale.
The 22nd annual College Prep Book Fair will be held on February 26, 27, 28, 2016.

Friday, February 26th 10:00-4:00
Presale for College Prep community

Saturday, February 27th
Open to the public

Sunday, February 28th
Open to the public with $10 bag sale at noon

For more information, please email:

The College Preparatory School

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right
Photo Credit: Dan Battle, Mark Compton, Bosky Frederick, Polly Lockman, Richard Wheeler, and Jonathan Zucker.