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The Advising Program guarantees each student regular, close, and supportive contact with a faculty or staff member.
The advisor gives prompt and individual attention to each advisee’s questions, problems, and concerns, and also shares in their successes and triumphs. Advisors help their advisees design programs that serve them well and keep them progressing toward graduation. Students and parents are encouraged to contact advisors as questions arise.

Connections and Advisory Program (9th grade)

The Connections and Advising Program (CAP) supports all ninth grade students in their academic, social, and emotional transitions to high school. In their weekly, small-group meetings, students explore essential topics including ethical questions, service in the community, self-care, and building relationships. The program provides a foundation that serves our students through their years in high school and beyond. CAP advisors are faculty with additional training in social and emotional health and wellness.

The CAP Model:

Mixed Grade Advising (10th - 12th)

After the freshmen year, students are assigned to an advising group with a combination of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students typically remain in this advising group through graduation. Mixed grade advising groups meet regularly, especially at the beginning of each semester. Topics for advising meetings change depending on the time of year. Students often share advice with one another and discuss course registration options. Advisors also meet one-on-one with their advisees throughout the semester.

Class advocates

Each grade has a Class Advocate on the faculty who coordinates all-class meetings. These meetings cover a variety of topics from class elections to standardized testing to retreats and field trips. Class advocates support students as liaisons to the school administration regarding workload, calendaring of exams, and major assignments.

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