College Prep is infused with school spirit (and Cougar Pride) through twice weekly student-led assemblies, theme days like Farm Day and Snow Day, fall and spring spirit weeks, and the 60 clubs on campus. We integrate work and play, helping students embrace the elements of a balanced life.
Student-led clubs and interest groups thrive on campus. 
Traditional offerings sit alongside some that you might find only here. Early in the year the school holds a Clubs Fair so that students can learn about and join the clubs that interest them. Have an idea for a club or interest group not mentioned below? Start your own!

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  • Animal Rights Club

    Our primary goal is to work within our community by volunteering at animal rescues, sanctuaries and fundraising. We also want to push for legislation against hunting animals, especially endangered ones. We will provide students with recipes for and opportunities to cook and eat vegetarian and vegan food during club meetings, and we will have recipe swaps and free food. We would love to make vegetarian meals to help interested meat-eaters have a meatless day—taking a day off from meat can have a very positive environmental impact. We are inclusive of all club members and welcome vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters alike.
  • Anime Club

    Our goal is to spread and learn about Japanese culture through the popular mediums of anime and J-dramas. Additionally, we provide a relaxing space for people to enjoy their favorite childhood shows.
  • ArtsMag

    ArtsMag is an annual magazine filled with art made by CPS students! It includes all types of art: poetry, short stories, drawings, paintings, photography... you name it! The club puts the ArtsMag together using InDesign and we release the magazines to the entire school at the end of the year.
  • Asian American Association

    AAA fosters an involved Asian presence at CPS. We celebrate holidays, watch movies, learn recipes, host discussions, and, of course, eat awesome food together. Our club goal is to unite our Asian community of College Prep, while also sharing our culture with others. Everyone, Asian or not, is welcome to join AAA.
  • Beekeeping Club

    Teach College Prep students about keeping bees
  • Black Student Union

    We hope to create an environment where students feel free to talk about black culture and lifestyle in the context of what's happening in our community and in the world today.
  • Bring Change 2 Mind

    Bring Change 2 Mind is a Bay Area-based organization dedicated to ending stigma and discrimination related to mental illness. The CPS chapter of Bring Change 2 Mind wants to inspire a positive attitude and open discussion about mental health on the CPS campus through conversations, education, and activities.
  • CATfood (Community Action Team - Food Justice)

    CATfood is a student led organization that focuses on educating the student body about food security and providing service opportunities in the local community. Our mission is to bring more awareness of the larger movement for food justice while emphasizing that we as individuals can take action to contribute to change.
  • Cereal Club

    Cereal Club provides CPS students with free cereal as well as a place to decompress by engaging in cereal-based discussion and cereal related games.
  • Chess Club

    We have one goal: having fun! We invite anyone interested in chess to join, regardless of skill or experience. Our meetings will host both round-robin games and lessons. We also hope to connect to the wider chess community; perhaps we'll attend a local tournament!
  • Chinese Culture Club

    We bring Chinese culture to College Prep through holiday celebrations, food, games, entertainment, music, and guest lecturers.
  • Coding Club

    Our goal is to prepare students for the rapidly expanding tech market, and provide them with the foundation to easily grow their coding skills by teaching the foundations for coding. 
  • Cooking Club

    We want to spread our love of eating through cooking, watching cooking shows, and trying out new recipes with anyone interested. We hope to engage the community through cooking challenges and cookouts.
  • Darts Club

    Darts club is a space to learn a new skills and make new friends! No prior experience is required, only a willingness to be bad at something and the energy to cheer on your (newfound) friends!
  • Disney Club

    Disney Club creates a relaxed environment on campus by watching and discussing Disney movies. Our goal is to spread the child-like spirit associated with Disney to everyone.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Club

    The goal of this club is to expose students to the fantastic world of tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs), specifically by playing one of the most popular, Dungeons and Dragons. This will let them take part in active, cooperative storytelling and help them build improv skills by roleplaying their characters and having them undergo character development. Members will embark on an epic quest created and lead by our wonderful Dungeon Master (DM) Jeremiah Jackson in his homemade world of Scelestus.
  • Feminist Union

    The Feminist Union promotes gender equality at College Prep and in the world beyond by fostering inclusive, respectful, and thoughtful campus discussions about feminism.
  • Football Club

    Our club is driven to spread knowledge and love about the great sport of American Football throughout the College Prep community while building a tight-knit group based on friendship, inclusion and most of all football!
  • Frisbee Club

    Join frisbee club to play Ultimate Frisbee or to just toss one around with friends. No prior experience needed, we would love to have you! We will meet during Common Classroom periods and may even do some Ultimate scrimmages if we find time during other common periods.
  • Gender and Sexuality Awareness Club

    GSA is a space where everyone, no matter their identities, is welcome to learn about the queer community, discuss LGBTQ+ issues, and share stories.
  • German Language and Culture Club

    We aim to learn and understand the language as well as the culture by eating traditional food, watching movies, playing games, and singing songs.
  • Girls in AI

    Girls in AI is a club aiming to educate people about the importance of including a diversity of opinions in Artificial Intelligence. As the future becomes more integrated with technology, not accounting for different people's unique experiences could create a world so biased it would be hard to undo the damage. Girls in AI aims to educate and encourage more people to get involved in artificial intelligence!
  • Girls Who Code

    Girls Who Code hopes to inspire female students to consider computer science as a field of study and employment. The organization raises awareness about the large gender gap in the technology industry by introducing basic coding and programming skills and discussing opportunities for women in the technology sector.
  • Green Team

    Green Team is an environmental advocacy group on campus that focuses on spreading awareness about environmental issues, while intertwining political and social justice issues. We want to connect CPS students to the broader community and extend classroom learning to the outside world through service opportunities.
  • Hip Hop Club

  • Improv Club

    In Improv Club we learn the basics of improv, and polish our skills through a series of fun improv games.
  • ITS Crew

    ITS (Innovative Technology Students) Crew's goal is to educate the school community about technology as well as to provide our peers with creative and technological assistance. Our objective is to make 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, and other tools more available and accessible to the whole CPS community.
  • Jewish Student Union

    Our goal as a club is to celebrate Jewish culture and traditions with the greater CPS community. We will do this through exploring the holidays with food, movies, Israeli dancing, presentations, and more.
  • Knitting Club

    Knitting Club is a community for knitters and crocheters (both new and experienced!) who want to help serve their community by creating articles of clothing to be donated to local homeless shelters. We are partnered with Knitting to Make a Difference, a local non-profit run by Isabel Detre and Sierra Luce.
  • K-Pop

    We want to introduce others to K-Pop. In our club meetings we will watch music videos and talk about current K-Pop events. We will also hold a Common Classroom every week to learn the dances to our favorite songs.

List of 29 items.

  • Korean Club

    Through food, movies, games, and discussion, Korean Club works to share Korean culture among the student body. From holding a kimbap-making workshop to presenting a slideshow on the topic of comfort women, Korean Club is a place to share favorite past-times as well as a place to discuss important issues.
  • Latin Club

    We share our love of Latin through celebrations of Roman holidays and friendly Certamen competitions. All are always welcome!
  • LatinX Action

    LatinX works to provide an equitable and inclusive community for all students; and explicitly brown and other Latinx students by celebrating culture, advocating for students, and mentoring students on how best to become activists for “La Raza”.
  • Magic Club

    We are a club of duelists, and we focus on gameplay and discussion of Magic: the Gathering, a trading card game of legendary duels between powerful mages and brutish barbarians. We impart the value of knowledge of a highly dynamic card game with immersive gameplay. Come for the cards, stay for the community.
  • Martial Arts Club

    Our purpose its really just to provide an outlet for the appreciation and practice of various of martial arts. We will do various things, from teaching forms, to watching movies, to breaking boards.
  • Math Club

    Math Club is a fun place for our College Prep community to bond over a love for mathematics and learn new problem solving techniques through various problems and scenarios. We also prepare as a team for math competitions such as AMC, Math League, and Math Madness.
  • Nintendo Club

    Nintendo is one of the of the most influential companies in the gaming industry. Its unique perspective on family styled games has influenced all of our lives at one point. Nintendo Club hopes to share the various innovations and ideas that Nintendo has expressed throughout their history.
  • Ocean Club

    Ocean Club has three prongs: learn, do, and protect. These all intersect in activities such as watching documentaries together, participating in beach clean-ups, raising money for various conservation organizations, and visiting lovely watery spots around the bay.
  • Origami Club

    Origami Club is designed to bring the art of origami to the College Prep community. We hope to foster creativity, help relieve stress, and ultimately spread happiness through colorful (and adorable) origami creations. Beginners, experts, and everyone in between are welcome!
  • Philosophy Club

    We will discuss philosophical views and theories of traditional philosophers, such as Nietzsche and Kant. Additionally, we will discuss more modern and contemporary questions. One of our main goals is to discuss and interpret the conditions which allow certain philosophers to come to different conclusions about the same question.
  • Products for Cambodia

    At Products for Cambodia, we create sustainable, awareness-raising products to fundraise for the Krousar Thmey Organization in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • Quizbowl Club

    We introduce students to the Quizbowl competition, hold friendly practices, and assemble interested teams to compete in nearby tournaments. We also hope to promote the spread of useless but interesting knowledge.
  • Robotics Club

    Robotics Club aims to create a community that is focused on the technology of the future, which we think is robotics. We participate in competitions run by FTC (First Tech Challenge) where we compete against different teams from our region in a specific challenge. We spend our meetings brainstorming, building, and coding our robot for these competitions. It's a fun club that anybody who's interested in robotics should join!
  • Rothfuss Club

    Rothfuss Club meets bi-weekly to read and discuss various fantasy and sci-fi books and graphic novels. Our goals are to expose the community to a variety of fantasy and science fictions stories and to just have fun reading outside of school!
  • Rugby Club: Ruck and Roll!

    Rugby Club is intent on introducing the culture and ethos of Rugby as a sport to CPS. Centered around teaching the rules and strategies of Rugby Union, we'll be playing mock games, watching clips and highlights of famous games/plays, and exploring the history of the sport. Come if you want to share in the fun and community of the sport!
  • Schmalkaldic League

    We engage in a variety of activities to promote political and philosophical literacy. We discuss current events in a light-hearted manner. Our activities have included (but are not limited to) debate, speeches, and games. We have also donated to causes we believe in.
  • Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad is a STEM organization where students prepare for and compete in science competitions throughout Northern California during the academic schoolyear. Competition events range from building hovercrafts to studying rock formations in the Sierras. Science Olympiad is a fun, engaging way to explore fields of science with other classmates.
  • Simple Aquatics

    Our mission is to bring the world of aquatics to the cps community one droplet of water at a time. We believe we should start with the fundamental principles of aquatics and hope to hone in on the specifics in the future. To accomplish this, we plan to hold multiple meetings in which we review and discuss historical and modern nautical sciences. In addition, we hope to go on several boating outings throughout the year: kayaking, canoeing, and possibly rafting will be at the forefront.
  • South Asian Affiliation

    The SAA aims to represent students of South Asian descent through discussions, cultural celebrations, food and artistic appreciation, and a sense of community.
  • Strategic Studies: Military History Throughout the Ages

    In this course we'll be exploring military history, whether it's through the medium of military literature, analyzing passages of Sun-Tzu's "The Art of War", or contemporary media reports from outlets such as VICE news analyzing the situation in Eastern Ukraine. Throughout the course we'll be encouraging students to share their knowledge and help lead club discussions. If you have a passion for history and want to share it, come to Strategic Studies!
  • Sunny Side Up

    Sunny Side Up Club does monthly morning adventures to watch the sunrise and occasionally grabs breakfast together! A perfect way to help take your mind off of the daily stresses. Take a step out of your comfort zone, set an early time on your alarm clock, and join us for these mini-adventures!
  • SWIRL (Students With Inter-racial Lives)

    Our purpose is to lead discussions focused on the past, present and future of the multi-racial experience in America.
  • Tech Club

    Tech Club acts as an extension of Drama Tech to handle the building, operation, sound, and lights to various shows on campus. These shows include Music Concerts, Dance Show, Choreo Series, Faculty and Student Talent shows, Open Houses, and any other productions that need techie help! We're a close-knit group with a passion for helping any and all exhibitions of the school's talent through some behind-the-scenes magic.
  • Teens Against Gun Violence

    We want to create an environment where impassioned students can not only talk about gun violence in modern America, but also be empowered to make a change in our world. We will write letters to our Senators and local representatives concerning this issue, as well as be aware of campaigns and policies happening right now that relate to gun violence.
  • The Forum

    The Forum is a space to hold respectful, informed conversations around current political and social questions and debates. The space is intended as a platform to challenge and develop your own understandings and opinions on a topic, not as a way to spark divisions within the community.
  • Toastmasters Club

    Our club wants to create an environment for students to improve their public speaking skills in a practical and engaging way. We offer opportunities for members to practice speaking that will benefit them in the future.
  • Triathlon Club

    Triathlon club is a club for experienced and inexperienced triathletes alike. We participate in the annual Stanford TreeAthlon and any other triathlons that our members would like to attend.
  • TV Show Club

    Every week during Common Classroom, TV Show Club presents about a different technique found across many different TV sitcoms. We watch and discuss many different comedy shows, including The Office, Seinfeld, and Arrested Development.
  • Word Reflection Club

    The focus of the Word Reflection Club is to discuss the objective and subjective meanings of different words. Members will have about 1 to 2 weeks to write a reflection/description/creative piece (at least one paragraph) that touches on the meaning and connotations of a specific word from their perspective. During meetings, we will all share what we've written, and end with a discussion of variable length.
IMPORTANT: College Prep is not responsible for any off-campus events hosted by student clubs.

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right