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Mens Conscia Recti inspires us not only to be aware of what is right, but also to act on our beliefs. As a dynamic and engaged learning community, we believe that excellence stems from our members’ diverse backgrounds and life experiences. In our everyday interactions, policies, practices, and programs we aspire to be an inclusive school that lives its commitment to equity, empathy, cultural competence and respect.


To achieve our vision for equity and inclusion, College Prep asks all members of its community to continuously practice three foundational behaviors. 

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  • Bias Management

    At College Prep “we believe in the foundational importance of scholarship”; therefore all members of the community must manage our inclinations or perspectives. We must do so to be ethically sure-footed as we pursue a life of intellectual adventure because biases are usually formed with limited information and perspective and tend to lead to errors in decision-making that is antithetical to academic excellence. 

    Bias influences and predicts behavior and tends to lead to errors in decision-making (logic) because biases are usually formed with limited information and perspective and can lead to prejudices. Errors resulting from bias include but are not limited to: systematic error, cognitive bias, anchoring, apophenia, attribution bias, confirmation bias, overconfidence, framing, halo-effect, self-serving bias, and conflicts of interest.
  • Cultural Competence

    College Prep educates and supports each person in our community so that they can apply their skills, knowledge, and awareness to facilitate dignified and respectful interactions among and across a variety of cultural groups and individuals. 

    Cultural competence is indicated and characterized by the following behaviors:
    • Acceptance and respect for cultural differences
    • Adaptation of one’s values and behaviors
    • Attention to the dynamics of cultural difference
    • Continuing assessment of one’s own culture
    • Continuing expansion of cultural knowledge 
  • Servant Leadership

    A philosophy and set of leadership practices whereby the servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first, and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. 

    At College Prep, servant leadership and learning are characterized by the following standards, adapted from the National Youth Leadership Council:
    1. Build partnerships and networks between the participants and broader community.
    2. Create experiential and applied learning opportunities that are practical extensions of classroom experiences. 
    3. Engage in appropriate and adequate opportunities for reflection before, during, and after projects and experiences to ensure that participants think critically about the impact of their service efforts.
    4. Ensure an active engagement from participants in identifying community needs and planning effective action.
    5. Expose students to people and groups who they would not necessarily encounter and foster inclusive and conflict resolving behavior.
    6. Projects and experiences are personally relevant, valid, and interesting to participants.
    7. Service should emphasize work with individuals, groups, and teams that are fostering prosocial changes in the area of participant interest. 
    8. Monitor progress to support success by providing consistent and relevant feedback, and assessment of progress toward goals (team and individual).
    9. Provide sufficient duration and intensity for participants to interact with the community, identify community problems, reflect upon issues, and implement the service strategy


The Office of Equity & Inclusion supports servant leaders who are interested in equity and inclusion. Please click the groups below to learn more about how our people are making a difference with regard to empathy, equity, inclusion, respect, and dignity.

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  • Students

    Students at College Prep have access to a wide array of training through our curricular and co-curricular programs to practice, hone, and grow their leadership as equity and inclusion practitioners.  Learn more about the Student Equity Action Team and other student-led groups and clubs here. (link to come)
  • Parents

    PAEIC is an opportunity for parents to lead and engage our community through an equity and inclusion practice to ensure a joyful, kind, diverse, and creative community for all through bias management, cultural competence, and service leadership. All parents/guardians are welcome. Learn more about PAEIC here.
  • Alumni

    The Office of Equity and Inclusion works with the Alumni Office to engage our alumni in justice work with our students. Alumni speak with students, serve as mentors, and share their expertise. College Prep alumni are invited to get involved in equity and inclusion at the school; please contact Ingrid Ray, Director of Alumni Relations (
  • Trustees

    The Board of Trustee Equity and Inclusion Committee was established in 2001. Recently, the Committee launched A Commitment to Change: Racial Equity & Belonging in partnership with School Administration. In addition to providing leadership to this Initiative, the Committee will continue to work to ensure that students and families from all backgrounds feel centered and fully supported in their ability to take advantage of the School’s program and offerings.


We use a variety of activities, techniques, and frameworks in our equity and inclusion efforts. These tools and resources are aligned with our mission and values and have demonstrated that when applied they:
  •  Develop a pro-social awareness, skills, and behaviors in people consistent with evidenced based asset-building models;

  •  Empower people to be effective servant leaders; and

  •  Create language to guide individuals in using resources to meet the needs of people in a dynamic world space. 

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    Jeremiah Jackson 

    Director of Equity and Inclusion
    510-652-0111 x212
Office Hours (during Covid-19): Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm; other times available upon request. All meetings will be virtual or distance.

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