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  • Understanding Impact: Changes to our History Curriculum

    This year, the History Department faculty met with student affinity groups on campus to discuss and understand the social-emotional impact of the curriculum. We sat down with Johanna Lanner-Cusin, History Department Chair.

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  • BSU Student Leadership: Personal Perspectives

    As College Prep renews its commitment to centering the work of racial justice across all aspects of school life, student leaders on campus are energized and focused, engaging their peers and teachers in meaningful ways. We sat down with the student leadership of the Black Student Union, Gisele S. ’22, Isaac C. ’21, Sydney G. ’22 and Joy J. ’22 to hear how the events of this past summer and their personal experiences at College Prep have shaped their perspectives as leaders.

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  • Inside the Admission Office at College Prep

    From expanded community outreach efforts to creating new admissions events designed to reach more BIPOC families, the Admission Office is actively embracing the strategic equity and inclusion work that is happening at College Prep. Read on to hear how Evie Koh, Director of Admission, describes the exciting changes and plans underway.

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  • LifePrep: Centering Hands-On Equity and Inclusion Work

    The LifePrep program has undergone some major changes this year. By partnering with a local experiential education and equity and inclusion program, The Mosaic Project, the newly redesigned course works to create a space for students to develop essential skills in cultural competency and anti-oppression work. Trinity Thompson, Director of Experiential and Community-Based Learning, describes the program changes and what the School has planned for the future of LifePrep.

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  • Trustee Equity & Inclusion Committee: On Governance

    The Board Committee on Equity and Inclusion, chaired by Dr. Sue Lin and Liane Randolph, continued to meet this summer to discuss the trustees’ ongoing commitment to centering racial equity across College Prep. We caught up with the co-chairs to ask about how they view the role of governance at the School at this critical moment.
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  • Student Leaders Participate in the CPS Summer Leadership Institute

    This past summer, over 50 student leaders were invited to attend the newly formed College Prep Summer Leadership Institute, a three-day event over Zoom that focused on giving students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and leadership through an equity and inclusion practice. We sat down with Nina ’21 and Adya ’21, to talk about their experiences.
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  • Re-examining the English Curriculum at College Prep

    Through many emails, social media, and candid conversations this past summer, we heard from our current students and parents, faculty, staff, and alumni about the need to audit and make changes to the School’s culture and curriculum. Read on to see how Jhoanna Infante, English Department Chair, collaborated with fellow teachers to review and adjust the English curriculum.
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  • Equity and Inclusion: Our Progress

    Head of School, Monique DeVane, reflects on some of the critical, ongoing equity and inclusion work at College Prep this summer. With new programs and initiatives for the community, as well as continued opportunities for growth, she discusses what she feels most excited about and what challenges she sees ahead.

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  • Faculty and Staff Come Together in E&I Workgroup

    Chaired by Spanish teacher, Tania Triana, and co-facilitated by the Director of Equity and Inclusion, Jeremiah Jackson, the Faculty and Staff Peer Equity Workgroup launched in 2018 creating a space for our professional community to share their interest or expertise in equity, inclusion, or social justice work. Read on to hear about their experiences and takeaways from this past year.
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  • Constitutional Law Through an Anti-Racist Lens

    When Dan Song transitioned from practicing law to teaching history at CPS, he brought with him a love of learning and a passion for the law. Dan has taught history courses for our younger and older students, but he finds his Constitutional Law elective especially rewarding. Read how it’s evolved to include the study of law through an anti-racist lens.
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