The list of course materials that you will need for the current semester is available through the Textbook Services Site.

Please purchase all your books before the first day of classes. In the unlikely event that your courses change before classes begin, you can re-sell them to other students or return them to the vendor.

Links to the textbook companion sites and a list of publishers whose texts are often used for classes also available through this site.

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • What books will I need for my classes?

    Each book you buy must have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) matching the number on the College Prep list. The ISBN is a  13-digit number beginning with 978-, usually located on the back cover or the back of the title page and included in the product information from online sellers. The most important information for buying the edition required by your teacher is this number.

  • Where should I get books?

    You may buy your books from any source; you are not required to use our online vendor.  For your convenience, our online textbook vendor, Follett Virtual Campus, is guaranteed to have in stock every book on your list. If you have questions about ordering books online, please contact Mrs. Hamilton in the library or at 510-420-2329.
  • Can I buy used books?

    Used materials are acceptable in many cases; see the individual department book lists for descriptions of acceptable conditions.
  • Does financial aid cover book purchases?

    If you have questions regarding non-tuition financial aid, Follett purchasing or payments, please contact the Business Office at 510-652-0111 Ext. 221. If you need help with anything regarding the book buying process, please don't hesitate to call, see, or email Mrs. Hamilton in the library or at 510-420-2329.

Textbook Vendor

The school's online textbook vendor for is Follett Virtual Campus, also the online bookstore for several other Bay Area private schools and colleges. Course materials are now available for purchase on their dedicated College Prep online store; click here to browse the site.

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