daily schedule

College Prep’s daily schedule reflects the school’s commitment to high academic standards and an awareness that students thrive in a nurturing and spirited community.

Features of the schedule

Full-credit classes meet seven times in every two-week cycle; four of these meetings are for 45 minutes, and three are for 75 minutes. Classes are grouped as part of either a morning or an afternoon rotation. 

Common Classroom’s engaging and ungraded learning offers teachers and students the time to lead and participate in activites and workshops that express their interests and passions. Community Time strengthens the fabric of our school with activities that include all, or large groups of students and faculty. Faculty Collaboration creates a space for faculty to meet with each other to enrich and support teaching and learning. Tutorial is time for individual student/teacher check-ins or extended meetings. The X-Block is a flexible programming space usually available for student-directed activities. 

Compass is grade-level programming with graduated choice and responsibility that meets weekly. The Connections and Advising Program (CAP) supports all ninth grade students in their academic, social, and emotional transitions to high school. In their small-group meetings, students explore essential topics including self-care, personal ethics, relationship building, and service in the community. Wellness and Decision Making empowers sophomore students to make healthy decisions for their own physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Faculty leaders facilitate discussions about topics such as positive sexuality, consent, gender, body image, and drugs and alcohol. Juniors and seniors participate in Life Prep. Designed to be choice-based, Life Prep offers a menu of events and workshops on practical knowledge. Taught by both College Prep teachers and outside guests, Life Prep offerings focus on topics as diverse as personal finance, the realities of college life, or how to write an effective resumé.

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right