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Do you have a career in medicine?

The Service and Community Based Learning Program has many requests from College Prep students who would love to volunteer or intern at hospitals, clinics, or medical research facilities. If you have a career in medicine, please email: Thanks!

Careers and Community

Do you remember what it felt like to be a junior or senior at College Prep and curious about life after high school? Service and Community Based Learning has programs that offer students real world experience. We need your help, as students especially enjoy getting to know our alumni. 

Internship Intraterm (February 24-February 28, 2020)
Host a College Prep student intern at your workplace during Intraterm. We will help you create specific learning goals and ask that you offer meaningful tasks that support your work, while giving a current Prep student a worthwhile challenge.

STEM Research Internship (6 weeks, summer 2020)
The STEM program is designed for independent and self-motivated College Prep students who are interested in getting hands-on research experience in a broad array of STEM fields. The core of the program takes place during the summer. If you are a researcher in the Bay Area, please consider mentoring a curious, dependable, and intelligent summer intern, full-time for 6 weeks.

If you're interested in these rewarding mentoring opportunities, please contact


With nearly 900 members, College Prep’s LinkedIn Alumni Group is a great resource for connecting with classmates, engaging in career-related discussion forums, learning about job opportunities, and joining industry-specific subgroups.  All Alumni are encouraged to join.

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