The College Prep Athletic Department promotes and teaches students the lifelong values of sportsmanship, integrity, commitment, personal responsibility, teamwork, and self-discipline. 
Visit Team Pages for recent game results. In addition to team sports, Prep offers a comprehensive Recreation, Health, and Fitness program. GO COUGARS! 

Since 2010, College Prep teams have…

  • Won 7 CIF North Coast Section Championships
  • Earned 9 NCS Second Place Finishes
  • Won 47 Varsity League Championships
  • Won 6 JV League Championships
  • Sent 65 student-athletes on to play at the collegiate level
We are proud to share that College Prep has won the league Sportsmanship Award 4 of the last 8 years—by vote of the schools in the BCL East.

Athletics Staff

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mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right
Photo Credit: Dan Battle, Mark Compton, Bosky Frederick, Polly Lockman, Richard Wheeler, and Jonathan Zucker.