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International Students

College Prep boasts a robust community of scholars hailing from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, including a very small number of international students (defined as those who do not hold U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status).

General Guidance for International Students

We invite students from all backgrounds and experiences to consider College Prep as a potential high school home. While the application process and requirements are the same for all applicants, we encourage international prospective students and their families to keep in mind the following considerations when considering College Prep:
  • College Prep does not offer any English language learning programs (e.g., ESL or ELL). All international applicants are expected to be fluent in English and must be able to fully exercise their English fluency in the classroom. All of our classes are conducted in English, except for world language courses.
  • College Prep is a day school. We do not have a boarding program, and we do not organize homestays for international students. International students’ family situations are a factor in the Admission Committee’s deliberations, and we strongly prefer that students relocate to the Bay Area with their immediate families.
  • We do not work or partner with any international placement agencies or organizations. Families interested in College Prep are invited to speak with us directly.
  • International applicants must complete the same requirements as other applicants to College Prep, including sitting and submitting ISEE and/or SSAT standardized testing results and completing an interview with a member of the Admission Committee. We strongly prefer to conduct interviews in-person on campus though some accommodations can be requested if a visit to our campus is not feasible.
  • Applicants who hold citizenship with both the United States and another country (i.e., U.S. dual citizenship holders) are considered as domestic applicants to College Prep.

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