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Clubs & Spirit

College Prep is infused with school spirit (and Cougar Pride) through twice weekly student-led assemblies, theme days like Farm Day and Snow Day, fall and spring spirit weeks, and the more than 40 clubs on campus. We integrate work and play, helping students embrace the elements of a balanced life.
Student-led clubs and interest groups thrive on campus. 
Traditional offerings sit alongside some that you might find only here. Early in the year the school holds a Clubs Fair so that students can learn about and join the clubs that interest them. Have an idea for a club or interest group not mentioned below? Start your own!

List of 25 items.

  • A Cappella Club

    A Cappella Club is a student-run music group that is open to everyone and brings joy to the CPS community and the greater Bay Area through singing.
  • Anime Club

    Anime Club provides a relaxing environment through the showing of anime; make new friends and learn a bit of Japanese culture in the process!
  • Asian American Association

    AAA fosters an involved Asian presence at CPS. Our members celebrate and learn about different Asian cultures by partaking in ceremonies and other activities, such as crafts, trivia, and discussions. Our activities are mainly recreational; from boba and dumpling making to movie showings, we always put our member's interests first. People of all backgrounds are welcome!
  • BBQ Club

    To make BBQ for all at CPS to enjoy!
  • Black Student Union

    We hope to create an environment where students feel free to talk about black culture and lifestyle in the context of what's happening in our community and in the world today.
  • Botany Club

    Botany Club combs the history and science of plants with the physical and practical application of gardening. We discuss specific plants we plan on adding to the community garden at the bottom of campus and cultivate a small farm with vegetables, drought-friendly succulents, and flowers.
  • Chinese Club

    To explore and to learn about the diverse Chinese culture and language.
  • Computer Science Club

    We compete in American Computer Science League monthly competitions, teach programming to beginners, and learn interesting computer science concepts.
  • Cooking Club

    We learn (and teach) cooking with fellow College Prep students.
  • Current Events Club

    We discuss important topical issues. Embedded in the club is our chapter of JSA (Junior State of America). JSA is a student government club whose members are actively involved with both their local communities and the larger world, with a focus on current US politics. JSA has a few yearly meetings with other JSA school chapters from around the state.
  • Disney Club

    We bring joy to campus by watching and discussing Disney movies.
  • Electronic Music Production/DJ Club

    The College Prep Electronic Music Production and Dj Club is for students interested in the myriad possibilities of music production and manipulation with computers, hardware, and software. We also discuss current musical trends and share musical interests and passions.
  • Entrepreneur Club

    Students from all grades, with various talents and interests, are connected with the resources, knowledge, and people to pursue their entrepreneurial passions.
  • Feminist Union

    The Feminist Union promotes gender equality at College Prep and in the world beyond by fostering inclusive, respectful, and thoughtful campus discussion about feminism.
  • Filmmaking Club

    Members  of the Filmmaking Club work on various media projects and learn the art of filmmaking. The first project being developed is a TV show titled "Cyber Spies," a sci-fi action thriller that is sure to appeal to a wide audience.
  • FISH

    F.I.S.H., or Faith In Serving Him, is the only Christian club at CPS. As such, we welcome members of all Christian denominations. We are a tight knit community devoted to learning, growing, and celebrating God's Word in our day-to-day lives.
  • Games Club

    To educate students about various games while analyzing different components of each game. We have fun while doing so because really, isn't that what the goal of every game is?
  • Gender & Sexuality Awareness

    GSA brings awareness to gender- and sexuality-related issues around campus, and builds a community in which we can all learn and grow.
  • Girls in Technology Club

    We hope to inspire female students to consider computer science as a field of study and employment. We introduce basic coding and programming skills and discuss opportunities for women in the technology sector. We also bring women engaged in various technology-related jobs to campus to discuss the opportunities they have and the challenges they face.
  • Government Club

    Government Club discusses ways to run an economy, such as communism vs. capitalism, and more.
  • Health & Fitness Club

    The Health & Fitness Club provides a safe place for people to learn more about achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle while having fun and bonding over a common passion.
  • Indian Culture Club

    ICC brings authentic Indian culture to CPS, through food, music, movies, henna, clothes, and discussions about relevant social issues.
  • Interact Club

    We take part in community service activities around the Bay Area, collaborate with other Interact Clubs on larger projects, and attend events arranged by the Interact community.
  • ITS Crew

    The purpose of the Innovative Tech Student (ITS) Crew is to serve the school through a range of innovation and technology initiatives.
  • Jewish Student Union

    The Jewish Student Union is for anyone who wants to learn Hebrew, talk about Israel, and discuss the torah.

List of 25 items.

  • Knitting Club

    In Knitting Club, we teach new knitters, support old knitters, and use knitting to help the community.
  • Latin Club

    We share our love of Latin through celebrations of Roman holidays and friendly Certamen competitions.
  • Latinos Unidos

    Latinos Unidos fosters an appreciation of Latino culture on campus and promotes positive change in the broader Latino community.
  • Math Club

    Math Club imparts a love of mathematics and problem-solving through sessions on various topics. We also help interested students prepare for contests such as the California Math League, AMC series, Math Madness, etc.
  • Mosaic Project Club

    We provide access to the conflict resolution and peace-making tools taught by the Mosaic Project and recruit volunteers for the Mosaic Project’s outdoor school.
  • Multirotor FVP Club

    We're a club centered around designing, building, and discussing multirotors of varied sizes and functions. We hope the club ntroduces a broader portion of the College Prep community to the benefits and uses of UAV technology as well as acting as an education resource for those looking for insight into current drone regulation, building, and buying. 
  • Pancake Club

    Our raison d'être is to allivate stress and suppress hunger throughout the College Prep community through the production of pancakes.
  • Peace and Justice Club

    Peace and Justice Club members particpate in a year-long service-based project. Through group discussions, collaboration, and research, we better educate ourselves on some of society's pressing issues.
  • Photography Club

    Our club encourages students to pursue photography outside the boundaries of the classroom and specific projects. This club is an opportunity for students to learn new techniques and find inspiration for their own photography. 
  • Poetry Club

    We read, write, and talk about poetry in a fun and informal setting.
  • Poi Club

    We teach our fellow students how to do forms of object manipulation such as Poi. We aim to give students who don't think they have the abilities or the courage to perform at events like International Day or Cabaret Night the chance to do a non-conventional performance art as part of a group or by themselves.
  • Quizbowl Club

    We introduce students to the Quizbowl competition, hold friendly practices, and assemble interested teams to compete in nearby tournaments.
  • Republican Club

    The Republican Club's mission is to bring an alternate political perspective to College Prep and encourage a diversity of ideas on campus.
  • Robotics Club

    This year in Robotics Club we will learn how to wire a robot and program it in Java with the goal of competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge comeptition.
  • Rothfuss Club

    Rothfuss Club explores the world of epic fantasy literature, including, but not limited to, the books of Patrick Rothfuss.
  • Russian Club

    We teach people Russian words while eating Russian food.
  • Science Olympiad

    Preparing for and competing in science tournaments throughout the Bay Area.
  • Seinfeld Club

    "It's a club... about nothing." We want to share Seinfeld with College Prep and enrich the lives of CPS students with Kramer's antics, George's insecurities, Jerry's witty observations, and Elaine's outgoingness.
  • Service Over Self Club

    We spread awareness of issues within our community and encourage our peers to become active members in their communities.
  • She's the First

    She’s the First provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries, fostering first-generation graduates and cultivating the next generation of global leaders.
  • Songwriting Club

    Songwriting Club is a fun place to share your work and collaborate with other talented songwriters in the College Prep community!
  • Students With Inter-Racial Lives (SWIRL)

    We are dedicated to the awareness of mixed race issues.
  • Tech Club

    Tech Club teaches students all parts of technical theater, from lighting and sound design to backstage work to running shows. We are in charge of the technical aspects of admission open houses, open mic nights, forums, and music concerts. No tech experience is necessary to join!
  • Water Sports Club

    We share our love for water sports with the community by providing fun opportunities for sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, and the like, for everyone to enjoy.
  • Yoga Club

    Our goal is to help College Prep students de-stress both mentally and physically by introducing the practice of yoga to more people.
IMPORTANT: College Prep is not responsible for any off-campus events hosted by student clubs.

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