College Prep’s grade-level programming helps students develop tools that will serve them in high school and beyond.
These offerings are designed around the themes of identity, equity, and inclusion; choice and decision making; and self-advocacy and self-care. The School’s goal is for students to grow into their best possible selves through the development of academic and life skills along with a vibrant awareness of the sustaining power of community.

Freshman Year

Before the school year starts, ninth graders head off to the Freshman Retreat, an overnight trip that enables the class to bond and smooths their entry into the College Prep community. Once school begins, the Connections and Advising Program (CAP) supports all ninth grade students in their transition to high school through weekly small-group sessions led by faculty advisors and senior student leaders. These groups explore ethical questions, self-care, service in the community, and the best ways to cultivate and maintain relationships.

The CAP Model:

Sophomore Year

The Sophomore Retreat focuses on maturity, self-esteem, and making wise and safe decisions. These themes are explored on a one-night river rafting trip and campout. Tenth graders join a Mixed-Grade Advisory group which combines sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Most students remain in this advising group through graduation. These groups have one or two advisors and meet regularly. Topics for advising meetings vary, and provide an opportunity for students to share advice, discuss courses, and support one another. Throughout the school year students also meet one-on-one with their advisor. Wellness and Decision Making is the School’s health education curriculum for tenth graders. This program delves into the interconnection of students’ mental and physical states, and the roles that prevention, knowledge, and awareness play in maintaining well-being.

Junior and Senior Years

By the time students become juniors and seniors, they are recognized as leaders on campus who are able to make informed decisions and help guide younger students. Juniors and seniors are required to attend a certain number of Life Prep events throughout the year. Life Prep features sessions, conversations, and workshops that offer eleventh and twelfth graders practical knowledge for the lives they will lead beyond College Prep. Topics include healthy lifestyle choices, the realities of dorm and college life, how to write an effective resume, and more. 

Juniors and Seniors continue to receive academic guidance in their Mixed Grade Advisory while offering advice and support to other students. On their retreat, juniors engage in exercises in leadership training and are challenged to complete an outdoor ropes course. The College Counseling program begins in the middle of junior year and is an opportunity for students to learn more about themselves as thinkers, community members, and young adults as they ready for the next stage of their journey. The Senior Retreat comes at the end of the spring semester and offers time to reflect on College Prep memories and friendships while looking forward.

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right