When social and emotional needs are addressed, academic achievement improves.
College Prep’s Counseling and Health Education programs are key components of the school's comprehensive support structures. The school’s full-time counselor is available to students, parents, faculty, and staff for brief counseling, referrals, and consultation. The counselor meets individually with all ninth graders and transfer students as part of their transition to College Prep. Students may self-refer to counseling or be referred by teachers, administrators, advisors or parents. 
The counselor, along with a small team of faculty, facilitates Wellness and Decision Making, a bi-weekly, yearlong health education course in which tenth graders learn and discuss sexual, emotional and physical heath with the aim of strengthening their ability to make informed and healthy decisions in their lives.
The counselor frequently collaborates with the Academic Dean, Dean of Students, Director of Learning Services, faculty advisors, outside professionals, families, and teachers in support of our students.The counselor also attends all class retreats.

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a mind aware of what is right