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College Prep is a community of lifelong learners. We encourage and support our faculty and staff in a variety of professional development endeavors, ranging from academic conferences, to collaborative curriculum innovation grants, to equity and inclusion workshops.

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  • ISEEN Summer Institute

    Please consider signing up for the ISEEN Summer Institute! It is one of the best professional development that I (Johanna) have attended. I learned things here that I still apply to my teaching 6 years later. Principles that help me to lesson plan more effectively and reflect on what I just did. Also, I met a lot of really interesting people from other schools—at all different stages of their careers. And, lastly, they had great food. Here's the website:
  • Learning and the Brain

    Learning and the Brain. offers conferences and online seminars that might be helpful for advisors and teachers who work with teenagers. 
  • The Teen Brain: New Insights and Their Implications for the Classroom (January 14, 2023)

    This online webinar will cover the latest research on the developing teenage brand, and show how this evidence has direct relevance for high school teachers. Topics covered include: learning and memory, how hormones affect the brain, error feedback, reward processing, and motivation in the classroom. Here's more information.
  • Facilitating Courageous Conversations Visually

    Engage with veteran facilitators to learn common facilitation models, avoid pitfalls, and manage polarity. Learn visual facilitation from experts to help people see issues and perspectives more clearly. Through this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to unpack practical strategies on facilitating courageous conversations, practice facilitating, and leave with a visual toolset to deepen their practice.
    See more here.
  • Innovative Strategies for World Language Instruction (5 virtual after school sessions from November to April)

    This five-part series of interactive workshops will help world language teachers hone their high-leverage instructional practices in service of students’ developing communicative proficiency in the three modes of communication. Participants will explore how to apply the four domains of global competence, the IMAGE and PACE models, Integrated Performance Assessments, equitable and accurate grading strategies, improv games, and the Universal Design for Learning. Click here for more information.
  • Teaching Foundations (6 virtual after school sessions between September 13 and November 15)

    The Teaching Foundations Online program is designed to support the growth and success of all teachers—particularly those in their early years at independent schools—by focusing on foundational areas of teaching. This interactive series offers participants the opportunity to engage with the core topics of CATDC’s respected in-person program and connect with a community of peers in order to cultivate more impactful practice.
    Sessions are organized around the following topics: identity and culture (self, school, and learning environment); lesson design and pedagogy; successful professional relationships; communication and feedback; and sustaining a career in teaching. Click here for more information. 
  • Instructional Growth for Equity (5 in person sessions between October and May)

    In this year-long learning experience, teachers will engage in a research-based  process to promote instructional growth and equity in the classroom. Educators will have an opportunity to reflect on their practice, generate questions regarding efficacy, gather data through observations, and receive feedback to promote new understandings and new practices. A version of instructional rounds, this model centers our students who are most marginalized, be it due to access, ethnicity, gender, or other dimensions of identity or experience, in pursuit of greater equity in our practice.
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