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Since 1986, over 2,000 students have graduated from the Partners Program.

alumni highlights

The Partners Program provided an environment that allowed me to see the value of culturally collaborative communities. These experiences planted a seed that will blossom throughout my overall career as a physician as they continue to instill the open-minded, welcoming, and accepting values that I always strive to embody."
—Lelani W., Partners ‘18, UC Davis

"Partners is, and always will be, a place where I am invited and accepted. I enjoy the community and how I am able to connect with people both younger and older than me. I enjoy the place it gave for me to be myself and meet new people who I can help and where I can return the favor."
—David M., Partners ‘18, CSU Fresno

"Looking back, Partners has inspired me to be a life-long learner and instilled in me the confidence and courage to be a leader in my community. The relationships forged as both student and mentor 
gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons and worldview."
—Makayla P., Partners ‘17, Northeastern University

scholar experiences

My favorite memory from Summer Academy was Assembly. It made me realize how strong of a community there is at Partners and how accepting people are here."
—7th Grade Partners Scholar (Edna Brewer Middle School)
"Week after week, I began to understand that the projects and assignments at Partners introduced me to new ideas and ways of thinking."
—8th Grade Partners Scholar (KIPP Bridge Academy)
"I’m really lucky to have a mentor who I can go to when both school and life get tough. I don’t know how I could’ve gotten through high school applications on my own!"
—8th Grade Partners Scholar (Downtown Charter Academy)

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    Samuel Beltran 

    Director, The Partners Program
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    Kevin Ugalde 

    Partners Program Manager
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