Welcome to College Prep: a community of learners who engage deeply with big ideas and the craft of scholarship.
College Prep is a place that encourages both individualism and inclusivity, fosters discovery and dialogue, and inspires and challenges students. More than 3,000 College Prep graduates have made the world a better place through their contributions as doctors, writers, dancers, educators, comedians, entrepreneurs, social workers, and so much more. Our graduates come back year after year to share their lives with a College Prep community that has become like family to them. 

As you embark upon your high school search, we want to learn about what excites you. What do you love about learning? What are the essential elements of the school you are hoping to join? How are you hoping to make a difference in the world?  

High school is a time to deepen your passions but also to explore a world of new possibilities. Maybe you will play a new sport, start a club, or join a service organization. As you dig into the work of defining what you want from your high school experience, here is what you will find at College Prep: a joyful community with a deep commitment to teaching, learning, and building connections with one another and the greater world. At the end of your search, we hope you find a school where you will be happy, supported, challenged, and comfortable being yourself.

Our admissions team is here to support you through this process of discovery. We are thrilled for the opportunity to learn more about you and look forward to answering any questions you have about College Prep. 

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