Emergency Response Plans

Parent/Guardian Information and Student Release
In the event of an emergency, a recorded message will be sent to all student contact numbers through our emergency alert system, Blackboard. For that reason it is critical that parents/guardians keep the school informed of any changes in phone numbers.

When necessary, and after it is deemed safe, students will be released only to authorized parents/guardians or those listed on a student's emergency card. If the school has been evacuated to another location, parents/guardians will be notified via Blackboard.

Emergency Procedures
Three emergency procedures are practiced regularly and, in general, we evacuate to the parking lot where roll is taken. If the parking lot is unsafe, the emergency coordinator will designate an alternative assembly area.  
Fire or General Evacuation 
The fire alarm signals this emergency. Teachers are responsible for securing their classrooms and accompanying students to the parking lot. When the situation has been assessed and clearance given, faculty, staff, and students may re-enter buildings.

Everyone on campus should take cover (turn away from windows, duck under a table or a piece of furniture, and protect head) until the shaking stops and remain in rooms if it is safe to do so. If the alarm bell sounds or if the quake is severe, we will follow the general evacuation procedure after the shaking stops.

Shelter in Place 
In the event of air contamination (e.g., chemical or biological emergency), faculty, staff, and students will be instructed, via the PA system, to shelter in place (stay or go inside, close all doors and windows, and remain there until school administrators indicate that the emergency is over).

 The primary goal in a lockdown situation is to ensure that all students are in a secured, safe place and accounted for. A lockdown would be announced via the PA system, and faculty, staff, and students would be instructed to stay or go inside. Everyone must remain in place until they are told that the lockdown is over.

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