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The Arts

One of the school’s foremost curricular objectives is to provide our students with a balanced program. The arts play a significant role in this endeavor. 
The arts play a significant role in providing College Prep students with an exciting and balanced program. The Arts Department offers a range of courses in four disciplines: visual arts, drama, music, and dance. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of work are possible in each discipline. Entry-level classes introduce each art form, build technical skills, include instruction in basic theory, and develop skills in appreciation and analysis. Courses beyond the entry-level classes may be repeated for additional credit. 

The visual and performing arts classes participate in collaborative, school-wide projects throughout the school year. These include performances for Art and Chamber Music Evenings, the Fall and Spring Music Concerts, the Annual Dance Showcase, International Day, Grandfriends Day, performing arts and dance collaborations, drama productions, the biennial spring musical, and the biennial music tour.

Students are required to take at least four semesters of art at College Prep, but most choose to take more. Participation in at least two arts disciplines is required. Most courses also fulfill the University of California Visual and Performing Arts requirement, which stipulates that students take two consecutive semesters in a single discipline of art.

The Arts

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    Molly Aaronson-Gelb 98

    Drama Teacher
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    Stefani Berger 

    Director of Dance
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    Michael Chan 

    Visual Arts / Photography teacher
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    David Chiorini 

    Instrumental Music Teacher
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    Tina Harrington 

    Choral Music Teacher
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    Erica Hartono 94

    Dance Faculty
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    Charles Neifeld 

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    Christina Williams 

    Visual Arts Teacher
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