Merchant Rewards & eScrip

Funds raised through merchant rewards programs support Parents' Association programs and help  fulfill the twice-annual Faculty Wishlist. Your participation is easy, convenient, and free.
  • Use registered credit cards to shop at qualifying stores. Please take one minute to visit to check that all of your information is accurate or to register your credit, debit, and store loyalty cards. If you are already registered on eScrip with another school you can visit the My eScrip tab to add College Prep.

  • Shop on-line at the eScrip Mall whenever possible 
    eScrip offers rewards to College Prep if you make your purchases through their on-line shopping mall, so please bookmark the page or better yet, download the AutoEarn app to your computer and you will never have to think about it. You will get discounts at stores like Macy's, Nordstrom, and even EBay and the school will get up to 7% back.

  • Shop at Sports Basement: you get a reward and the school does too!
    Join the Basementeer program at Sports Basement and select College Prep as your preferred charity and you get 10% on all your purchases and the school gets 10% too! 

  • Shop at Office Depot
    Shop at Office Depot in stores or on-ling and indicate the College Prep ID # 70011689 at check out and the school will get a quarterly merchandise certificate for 5% of the total qualifying purchase.


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