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Welcome to the College Prep Alumni Association!
Our mission is to build and strengthen close relationships with alumni, to extend the community of College Prep in a supportive and active way, and to encourage engagement through communication, programs, and events. Membership in the Association is granted to all graduates and students who were enrolled for at least one year. 

The College Prep Alumni Office is dedicated to developing relationships through regional events, reunions, publications, engagement opportunities with current students, and more. 

As you move through changes in your career, start a family, relocate or go through any other major life change, please keep in touch so we can celebrate your good news. Let us know how you’re doing by emailing alumni@college-prep.org, or stop by campus to stay hello!
Matt Birnbaum '98

Dear Fellow Alumni,

I'm excited to introduce (and in certain cases, re-introduce) myself to all of you, this time as your Alumni Association Chair. 

For those of you who knew me as a student, this role is, perhaps, the last place you imagined us reconnecting (I'd readily second that sentiment). While I've always struggled to accurately define my relationship with CPS, the more time I've spent away from the School, the more I realize (and embrace) how truly unique and special of an experience it was for me. It's quite easy to forget just how transformative CPS was for many of us as we navigated the excitement and awkwardness of our own personal high school journeys.

While I'm still very much in the early stages of understanding my charge and how I can best engage with the alumni community, I've been told that if I'm doing my job well, you will be hearing from me a lot more. In that vein, I'd like to extend the offer to catch-up with anyone who is interested in hearing updates or engaging with the School in a renewed capacity. Or maybe you just want to say "hi." That's totally cool, too. Either way, I hope to connect with as many of you as possible!

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    Director of Alumni Relations
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