Recreation, Health, and Fitness

The Recreation, Health, and Fitness (RHF) program introduces students to a wide range of physical activities and incorporates exercise and recreation into their lives.
Students are encouraged to make fitness a lifelong goal and to seek out activities that are both fun and physically rewarding. RHF students can attend either activity-based classes, where physical movement is emphasized, or information-based classes, which teach healthy behaviors and making good decisions around health and fitness. Examples of activity-based classes include yoga, weight training, badminton, intramural sports, and walks/hikes in nearby areas. Examples of information-based classes include nutrition, sports medicine, and injury prevention. 

Six semesters of RHF are required for graduation. One semester of dance is the equivalent of one semester of RHF. Students who participate in interscholastic sports earn 1.5 semesters of RHF upon completing one season of a sport. Students participating in activities outside of school may also meet the RHF requirement through the Outside Activities & Recreation program, but must take one semester of RHF/dance or play on a team sport prior to earning credit for an outside activity.

Health Education

The health education curriculum gives students an understanding of the interconnection of their mental and physical states, and the roles that prevention, knowledge, and awareness play in maintaining a sound body and a sound mind. 

Health education classes increase awareness and further students’ knowledge of their own bodies. These classes are interspersed throughout the RHF curriculum and, whenever possible, the topics are introduced in conjunction with the school’s academic and social calendars. For example, stress reduction is taught in the weeks leading up to finals.

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right