Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year is $49,990.
The cost of books, supplies, field trips, and a laptop fee is approximately $1,500 per school year. These fees are billed separately from tuition. Students who participate in out-of-area trips and/or athletic tournaments are typically expected to pay their own travel costs.
Newly enrolled students at College Prep are required to submit an enrollment deposit of approximately 11% of the next school year’s tuition. Students admitted with financial aid pay an enrollment deposit of approximately 11% of their balance due after their financial aid award is deducted from full tuition. 
College Prep partners with FACTS to offer families a choice of three different payment plans to pay the balance of tuition due:

  • One Payment Plan: Balance of school’s tuition due in May
  • Three Payment Plan: Balance of school tuition paid over three equal installments in May, August, and November
  • Eight Payment Plan: Balance of school tuition paid over eight equal monthly installments from May through December 
As College Prep must commit itself to faculty, staff, and facilities costs for a full year, enrollment of a student obligates the parent or guardian for a full year's tuition regardless of any reason for withdrawal or dismissal at any time during the school year. Tuition insurance is available and recommended.

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  • Fees to Apply

    The total fees to apply to College Prep range from $150 - $255. These fees cover a small portion of the administrative costs of processing applications. Waivers are available for a portion or all of these costs. Please do not let these fees stand in the way of applying! 
    1. College Prep’s application fee is $100 for domestic applicants and $150 for international applicants. The fee is submitted through our application portal. If the application fee is a hardship for your family, please contact the admissions office at to request a fee waiver. 
    2. All applicants are required to complete a timed writing sample through Test Innovators. The fee is $50. If the application fee is a hardship for your family, please contact the admissions office at to request a fee waiver.
    3. The financial aid application (optional) costs $55. This is a common application shared by most Bay Area independent schools. You only pay the fee once regardless of how many schools you apply to. For families who qualify based on their income, this fee is automatically waived through the School and Student Services system. College Prep is unable to directly offer fee waivers for this part of the process.

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    Director of Financial Aid/Associate Director of Admission
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    Assistant Director of Admission and Communications Associate

Beyond Tuition: The College Prep Annual Fund

As is the case with most independent schools, tuition and fees do not cover the full cost of educating each student at College Prep. The school relies on voluntary contributions to the College Prep Annual Fund from members of our community to provide critical support for educational initiatives that tuition alone does not cover. These tax-deductible gifts allow all students to benefit from the small classes, robust co-curricular offerings, and individual attention that highlight the College Prep experience. For more information about the College Prep Annual Fund and other ways to support College Prep, please visit

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