For more than 40 years Intraterm at College Prep has integrated work and play. Students participate in experiential learning offerings that encourage intellectual risk-taking and adventure. This year, they climbed, cooked, kayaked, played croquet, and more!
Here’s a list of this year’s offerings:

Art of the Craft
The Life Aquatic
Film and Philosophy
The Food Lab
Black on TV, an Historical Overview
Dungeons & Dragons at a Distance
Get in the Game!
Hikes, Bikes, & Turnpikes! Oh My! Exploring the East Bay
Mesoamérica: Aztec and Maya Legacies
Chinese Food & the Chinese Diaspora
That’s so French! Challenging the Cultural Stereotypes in Emily in Paris
Language by Design
The Earthworks Adventures
The Zoom Where it Happens

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right