Common Classroom

Common Classroom is a weekly rotating set of engaging, ungraded learning opportunities. Teachers, students, and alumni lead activities, classes, and workshops across a range of ever-changing offerings that include art projects, political discussions, physical pursuits, and more. Students are encouraged to take and lead new classes throughout the year. The first week of 2023-24 offerings include:
Arc Browser: The Future of Computing
Aux Battles
College Prep Soccer Film Highlights
Cuban Dominoes
Girls Varsity Tennis Media Day
Healthcare 101: Personal Insurance
Intro to Finance: Money, Markets, and More!
Meditative Mandala
Open Gym Volleyball
Outdoor Yoga
Rule the Turntables: Lear to DJ
Tea and Sympathy
What Happened in the World Track Championships?
What’s the Deal with… True Indictments?
World Games
‘Zine Club

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right