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Welcome to College Prep: a community of learners who engage deeply with big ideas and the craft of scholarship.
On behalf of the College Prep faculty, staff, board of trustees, and students, we thank you for considering The College Preparatory School!
Each year, we assemble an incoming class that reflects both the diversity and the intellectual creativity of the Bay Area. We seek students who will not only benefit from our challenging and rigorous academics, but will also make positive and perhaps, long-lasting contributions to our vibrant community. Every new entering College Prep class boasts budding writers, math and science enthusiasts, dedicated athletes, spirited artists, pensive history buffs, passionate linguists, articulate debaters, as well as those who are open to pursuing a new set of passions. We are an inclusive and supportive community and we fully embrace the diversity of our students as they endeavor on the journey of intellectual exploration and self-discovery. To aid in this journey, we attract and retain some of the most talented faculty in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While the life of the mind is of paramount importance to our mission, it’s the combination of the beauty of our Oakland campus, dedication of our teachers and administrators, and respect and kindness of fellow students that makes our community unique. A graduating senior remarked that during her years at College Prep she felt safe, respected, and free to develop her voice in an environment abundant with encouragement and support. The powerful combination of unparalleled academics within an “atmosphere of consideration, trust, and mutual responsibility” makes College Prep a unique learning community from which our graduates can launch into the next phase of their young adult lives.

This journey of self-discovery and exploration begins with your high school search. We invite you to experience our community in-person through our scheduled admission events, arts performances, and athletic games with the hope that you will begin to experience how College Prep’s community values align with your personal goals and plans for high school. If we can be of any service during your quest to learn whether College Prep is fits with your plans for high school, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!

Warmest wishes,
David Lazo & Vanessa Ortega
College Prep Admission Office

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The College Preparatory School

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a mind aware of what is right
Photo Credit: Dan Battle, Mark Compton, Bosky Frederick, Polly Lockman, Richard Wheeler, and Jonathan Zucker.