LiveTalk Lecture Series

LiveTalk is The College Preparatory School's evening lecture series for parents, students, and the community. Join us for these engaging, thought-provoking lectures by local and national experts and celebrities on intriguing topics and current events.

Information about and tickets for the 2018-19 LiveTalk Series coming soon!

The 2017-18 LiveTalk Series included:

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  • Thursday, November 9, 2017 • Sarah Pollock • Truth and Trust: Protecting Our Right to Reliable News

    The term "fake news" has been used to dismiss mainstream media outlets. At the same time, even the most sophisticated readers find it challenging to identify reliable information in the fire hose of information aimed at us daily. Veteran journalist and journalism professor Sarah Pollock will talk about how the mainstream press is being discredited, why it matters to all of us, and how the public can (and should) become engaged in fighting the viral spread of disinformation.

    Sarah Pollock has been senior editor at Mother Jones and editor in chief at Pacific Discovery, the natural history magazine of the California Academy of Sciences. She has been features editor at the Oakland Tribune and staff writer at Newsday and the Hartford Courant. She heads the journalism program at Mills College and is active nationally around issues of diversity and integrity in journalism.
  • Monday, January 29, 2018 • Sam Mihara • Mass Imprisonment in America • Cohosted by the Parents' Equity and Inclusion Committee

    Sam Mihara is a second-generation Japanese American (Nisei) born and raised in San Francisco. When WWII broke out, armed US military guards forced Sam, age 9, and his family to move to the Heart Mountain camp. It was one of 10 such camps in the country that together housed over 120,000 West Coast residents of Japanese ancestry, most of them U.S.-born American citizens. Sam and his family lived in a one room, 20 by 20 feet square, barrack for the war's duration.

    After the war ended, the family returned home to San Francisco. Sam attended U.C. Berkeley undergraduate and UCLA graduate schools, where he earned engineering degrees. He became a rocket scientist and joined the Boeing Company where he was an executive on space programs. Following retirement, Sam changed careers and is now a regular visiting lecturer for the University of California. He is a national speaker on the topic of mass imprisonment and its lessons for today. Sam's multimedia presentation includes photos, video clips, and personal stories.

  • Thursday, February 22, 2018 • Harry Chotiner • Academy Awards Preview Night

    Join us for one of the most entertaining and beloved evenings in the LiveTalk series. Renowned film historian Harry Chotiner will guide us through an in-depth preview of Academy Awards 2018. This annual College Prep tradition features New York University film history professor and former Twentieth Century Fox vice president Harry Chotiner. Professor Chotiner's informed perspective offers an inside look at the nominees, along with plenty of lively, interactive audience participation. We add hot popcorn, soda, candies, and door prizes! Bring your opinions and get a copy of Harry's picks for the best movies, actors, and directors of the year.

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