A Statement of Commitment from College Prep

In this moment of national reflection, The College Preparatory School affirms its longstanding commitment to social justice and its rejection of hatred in all its forms; especially racial hatred and anti-Black violence. At College Prep and for our wider community, we state unequivocally that Black lives matter. 
Statements of commitment are important starting points, but they do not create change, nor do they expose the full extent of the real and existential harm experienced daily by Black people in our country. Meaningful changes are needed on both individual and structural levels, guided by the experiences of those who have been most hurt and whose opportunities have been most deeply diminished. As a learning community, we are only strengthened when we acknowledge and center these voices. 
To our Black students, families, staff, faculty, and alumni, we acknowledge that, while College Prep continues to work earnestly and has made tangible progress on issues of equity and inclusion, it has not been a place of comfortable belonging for all of its members, nor has it been immune to structural racism. If we are to be an anti-racist institution, we have a great deal to do. We are committed to this goal and understand that this work—too often shouldered by Black students, faculty, and staff—must engage the entire community. 
For College Prep to live up to the aspirations of its mission statement, we must keep working against cycles of historic injustice, across racial and ethnic divides, and for change that is actionable and measurable. We will continue to enlist the help of our extended community to create a durable and inclusive framework for this effort, one that is collaborative and visible. Only then can we truly foster shared accountability and an equitable future.

Please click here to learn more about Equity and Inclusion at College Prep.

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right